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Aimie Smith

My name is Aimie and I love all things health & fitness, promoting happiness and well-being through Exercise, Functional Movement and Bio-mechanics, Meditation, Pilates, The Emotion Code, Yoga and generally sharing my knowledge with you to help you to become the happiest and healthiest you have ever been.

I have over 12 years’ experience as a personal trainer and have successfully run my own studio in the UK for the past 8 years before moving to Australia.

I have trained all types of clients, including those looking to get healthier and lose some weight to stuntmen training for Hollywood blockbusters!

I’ve spent years studying the incredible way the body moves and how to get the best results in a fun and enjoyable way! Looking at the biomechanics of your body in this way means that you can achieve your best results!

Danielle LaFata

Danielle is a Registered Dietitian who earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Central Michigan University, her Master’s degree in nutrition and food science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and her Board Certification as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics in the USA.

Danielle is deeply committed to working with individuals, as well as with the performance and medical staff to set up evidence based recovery strategies and solutions through whole food options as well as smart and safe supplementation.

She loves working to create flavorful menus and strategic training tables that support training and recovery efforts, as well as just dealing with the demands of modern life. Danielle has also counseled youth, military and executive populations as well as created and delivered nutrition education to these populations and other industry professionals.

Carolina Longo

Since a young age, Carolina has been passionate about sports, healthy living, yoga, and Pilates. She has a Bachelor degree of Physiotherapy completed in Brazil, Polestar Diploma of Professional Pilates, Certificate for The Booty Barre and her Personal Training Certificate III & IV.

She finished her bachelor in physiotherapy in 2009 and in the following year started her Polestar Diploma of Professional Pilates in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Always looking to learn more about movement and mindfulness, in 2011 she did a Diploma of Power Yoga with Anderson Allegro, one of the best Yoga instructors in Brazil. Looking for something new and adventurous, she moved to Australia in 2012 and studied her certificate 3 in Fitness.

Since moving to Sydney, she has continued to approach life with that same drive, improving her teaching skills and continually learning the latest Pilates techniques to become a highly qualified Pilates instructor.  Carolina brings her great sense of humour, knowledge and passion to her teaching, making each session a unique experience.

Laura Quickfall

Laura likes to keep active, she was brought up as a dancer, spending her evenings and weekends dancing in competitions and shows around the UK, but now she has traded her pointe shoes for ASICS, running around Sydney in her spare time.

Plagued with a few serious injuries over the last few years, Laura has been learning the hard way about the importance of rest, nutrition and cross training.

Laura is a Remedial/Sports Massage therapist, with a keen interest in running technique and injury prevention. She is learning from her own pitfalls, the importance of strength training and good biomechanics.

As well as running Laura makes sure to go to yoga, Pilates and strength classes weekly and has just started swimming. Moving over to Sydney from London five years ago, Laura is always up and out before 6am making the most of her time in Bondi Beach.

Kate Callaghan

Kate is a holistic nutritionist, author, international speaker, personal trainer and mother of two, living in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Kate is the author of “Holistic Nutrition: Eat Well, Train Smart & Be Kind to Your Body”, a holistic, realistic, and down-to-earth guide for optimising women’s hormones.

Having experienced hormonal chaos and infertility, and managing to heal herself naturally, Kate is passionate about healing women’s hormones and fast-tracking them to health, happiness and hotness through nutrient-dense foods, rejuvenating movement, unconditional self-love, and mindful and sustainable practices.

Dr Roy Sugarman

Dr Sugarman has applied his knowledge as a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist to the science of peak performance, working with elite military, athletes and corporate leaders around the world.

As Director of Applied Neuroscience at, and in the Performance Innovation Team at EXOS in the USA, his innovative approaches to motivation and behavioural activation have found there way into some of the most prestigious companies and accomplished national sports squads in the world.

His two books, Saving Your Life One Day At A Time: Seven ways to survive the modern world (2013) and the third edition of Client Centered Training: A trainer and coach’s guide to motivating clients (2014) form the basis for’s approach to making you a better version of you.

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